In 2002, the GMS Group of companies began trading in the construction sector in Maskat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. In 2021, we brought the Republic of Turkey to the Umman-Turk market with our import, export and real estate office in Antalya province. In 2022 we opened the second Office / Showroomu Istanbul.


2022 Realty GMS

GMS about us

As GMS group of companies, we provide consultancy services in the field of real estate. Our field of knowledge is the sale and rental of many immovable properties such as residences, plots, commercial apartments and villas in our country.

You can obtain accurate and reliable information about property acquisition through our Real Estate Consultants in our Istanbul, Antalya and Muscat offices.

We provide support from the beginning to the end of your transactions through our Advisors on your investments. Since the GMS group of companies provides services in many areas with elbow contact, it will be your family friendly with affordable and reliable service.